Lets Celebrate, 6 Years & 600 Articles!

This post marks 6 amazing years of the SEOAndy blog being online!

In that those 6 years we’ve achieved some wonderful things… 600 published articles focusing on SEO and Digital Marketing… helping thousands of website owners and developers to improve websites for better rankings and increased conversions… producing downloadable seo resources and tools… and of course much more!

In the past year alone we’ve achieved the publishing of 95 articles, started producing the downloadable resources mentioned above (including the SEO checklist and SEO for Images PDF’s), a new design, survivng multiple DDOS Attacks and having a record number of visitors month after month.

In our 7th year of existence, as SEOAndy (we did exist before then), we are planning to…

  • Continue to offer articles and downloadable resources
  • Finally, publish a podcast (recording starts soon)
  • Concentrate on industry bases SEO, for example SEO for Photographers.

Thank You
to All SEOAndy Readers

Lets Celebrate, 6 Years & 600 Articles!