We are currently in a transition period to help ensure the future of SEOAndy as a resource hub for all small business marketing. As part of the move we’ve scrapped our old guest post guidelines and will be writing a few new ones.

In the mean time here is a temporary set of rules as to what we are looking for…

  • Themes
    You can write about anything Marketing related, from SEO and Social Media to Writing a Press Release and beyond. It must however, be business focused.
  • Deep Dives Only
    We don’t want you to rehash 7 other blogs on this site or other sites, we want you to dive into a subject in great detail – not just skim the surface.
  • We’re Counting Your Words
    We no long accept posts, unless they are truly awesome, of less than 800 words (our aim is for you to hit over 1000 words!).
    Unless you are talking about and comparing services for example, so NO articles shall be directly promotional. We will accept 1 (one) link to your site in your author’s bio, this will be a “no follow” link until you become a regular contributor to SEOAndy.

Submitting Your Awesome Article

If you’re happy with the rules then please do feel free to submit an article to contact*at*andykinsey.co.uk

  • Your article should be in a .doc or .html format – all other formats will be rejected.
  • Your article must include a full title (upto 70 characters with regular capitalisation)
  • Your article must include a meta description of approx 130 characters.
  • Your article must include at least one image of 300px x 300px or it will be rejected.
    Your images must be supplied as separate attachments and not embedded in the document.
  • Your article must be unique and will be required to pass a plagiarism check.
    If you are found to plagiarise there is no warning, you are banned from ever posting again.