Think, Think, Do!

I am not one for procrastination, though many would say I am, more would say that this sentence proves it as it’s waffle. They are right… and wrong.

My little in-built strategy for everything I do is,
“think think do”, the idea that you think of ideas,
refine them and then take action.

It’s just how I work.

A Flying Star!

I work as Head of Digital Marketing for RedStar,
a digital agency in manchester.

I also continue to run SEO Andy as a
digital marketing resource for everyone.

I am also involved in local politics,
you can probably tell from my twitter timeline.

Around The Web!

Other than social media, you can find me all over.

You can find me on the Boagworld Blog,
in .net Magazine, in Manchester Business Week,
on the RedStar Blog, on Social Media Today and
on the Content Matters Podcast.

Just do a search on Google for my name and them.

About pages are BORING to write for yourself. but i LOVE writing them for others. so instead of writing this MYSELF, i asked SOMEONE else to write it for me. infact a couple of people chipped in RECOMMENDATIONS on linkedin to help make this page POSSIBLE.
Andy offers a FRESH approach to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). He puts the client at the heart of the SEO and gives them the level of CONTROL they need.
Kate Simpson, TotalPost
Andy is DATA orientated and understands my digital and STRATEGIC needs and have worked with him through his digital marketing CONSTULTANCY. Always at the forefront of TRENDS.
Brian Martin, Digital Marketer
Andy has a wealth of EXPERIENCE that inspires FRESH and EFFECTIVE digital marketing strategies. He is one of the best at what he does and a PLEASURE to work with and can be relied upon to make himself available to help.
Laura Gordon, Apprentice Academy Manchester
Andy has an OUTSTANDING knowledge of SEO and I have learnt much from him. He takes a BALANCED view on the subject recognising how search engine optimisation is as much about CONTENT STRATEGY as it is optimising for the search engines themselves.
Paul Boag, Director @ Headscape
Andy truly knows his stuff and is on TOP of his game, which combines with his RAZOR-SHARP with and INTELLIGENCE to make for one of the country’s top notch SEO and digital marketing PROFESSIONALS.
Barry Adams, Editor @ State of Digital