Doing Something Utterly Bonkers For Charity #ShaveMeBald

Doing Something Utterly Bonkers For Charity #ShaveMeBald I am going to step out of my comfort zone, really really far from my comfort zone, and do something utterly bonkers for Macmillan Cancer Support.

If you don’t know what Macmillan Cancer Support do, they are are a charity which helps patients suffering with cancer and their friends and families. They are a group of people who are always there when you need a listening ear, some advice or even action in perhaps getting help with benefits. They have local teams across the UK which means there is always someone close by able to help those in need.

What is #ShaveMeBald?

Very simply: I am shaving my head and will be completely bald!

Also: There is a good chance other parts of my head and body will be going bald too! But that is upto you, the more that gets donated the less hair I have left.

Why: My #ShaveMeBald event (info below) is to raise funds and awareness for Macmillan Cancer Support, we are all in some way affected by Cancer and Macmillan do amazing things to help those who suffer in any way. #ShaveMeBald is part of the Shave or Style campaign.

Doing Something Utterly Bonkers For Charity #ShaveMeBald When Am I Going Bald?

My hear will be lost to the world of the trimmers, razors and hoover on Friday 18th July 2014 @ 12.30.

The event will take place at RedStar, which is on Edge Street in Manchester – if you want to come let us know by Doing Something Utterly Bonkers For Charity #ShaveMeBald

Hopefully I wont look like the guy to the right once shaven.

Want to Donate?

Whooopie! Whether little or small your donation will go a long long way.

The easiest & best way to donate is to visit and click donate!

I know it’s the middle of the month and maybe you can’t donate right now, but that page will be up for a while so you can, in the mean time you can still pledge to donate and I can collect it offline later if needed or you can pop back on payday to add that ammount in. Basically, I’d like pledges by Friday so that we know how much is getting shaven!

Support Me In Another Way

I’d like to spread the word far and wide, across the globe, about Macmillan and the work they do. #ShaveMeBald is a big part of that and so I’d ask that you take to twitter, facebook or other social media (or even your website) and talk about this event.

Finally, follow me on twitter and join the facebook event page- you are all awesome thank you!

Doing Something Utterly Bonkers For Charity #ShaveMeBald