Happy Birthday to Us! (Your Questions Our Answers)

Today SEOAndy celebrates its 4th birthday! Now whilst not an amazing age for a blog, it is quite a milestone for SEOAndy.

2 years ago we broke the news that we were having a break from posting. The break lasted somewhere around 6 months. We then spent a while in limbo picking up the pieces and getting momentum going. Since restarting we’ve smashed the 300 post barrier and will break through the 400 mark before Christmas 2012.

At this point it’s only right and fair that I stop to thank a few amazing people (I promise the questions are coming after this). First, Sarah (my better half), next up my family and my friends (your support is simply invaluable), next up the readers of this blog (without you we’re nothing) and finally those people who help to bring together the content on this website. You are all awesome.

Finally, I like to set a target in each of these birthday blogs. This year we are moving into new territory, we’ll be outputting a podcast (hopefully once a week) – follow @andykinsey for more info on this. Happy Birthday to Us! (Your Questions Our Answers)

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, your questions!

Ok, so lots of you have had questions over the years about SEO Andy, the wheres whats hows and whys. I’ve grouped together a few of the more common questions for your reading pleasure. If you’ve any questions about SEO Andy leave them in the comments below.

There are lots of other SEO Blogs, why keep SEO Andy going?
I know there are lots and lots of other great seo resources, I’ve a whole section dedicated to some of them. But one thing they all have in common is that they are for internet marketing people and speak in lingo no real “normal” person could understand. SEO Andy stands apart for this reason, there is no lingo here and never will be. SEO Andy is about giving all website and business owners a resource to help themselves.

Why I keep it going is simply because demand from readers says I should. I keep it going because readers just like you enjoy what they read and find it interesting. I also keep it running because it keeps me on my toes with the latest trends, I get to do research and talk about it and you get a free internet marketing resource.

Why do I write about what I do?
I think I answer this above. But incase you haven’t noticed from the effort I put into SEO Andy, I love internet marketing. It’s not really a job to me, yes it pays the bills but if you enjoy something quite a lot can it ever be called a job?

Whats my favorite part of running SEO Andy?
Now this is a tough question. As previously noted I enjoy what I do quite a lot so picking a favorite part is quite hard. If I had to pick I’d say talking to people and answering questions on , and of course in conversations on the site itself.

What is next for SEO Andy?
I’ve played with the idea a few times of starting a seo podcast and as I’ve mentioned above that will happen this year. It’s not something I think will help grow the business alone but I think it will help SEO Andy become a more rounded resource with something for every business, big or small.

Another thing we will be doing more of is interviews with business owners and business leaders, both of big business and small ones too – each has their own merit as we’ll discover.

Finally, whilst continuing not to push them “in your face” I plan to continue the growth of SEO Andy as a business with SEO Services which out match out competition like-for-like, such as our SEO Website Audit.

What Do I Do Outside of Blogging About SEO?
Great question. I’ve too many things to really list but at the top of what I love doing outside of blogging on seoandy and for other blogs is; spending time with family and friends, I study and I am an activist within the Labour Party and work to make the party more available online - oh and finally, I spend time drinking coffee and sleeping. If you want to know more about me, view my about page (top nav).

Finally, What is the Most Read Blog on SEO Andy?
Eurgh, this is always a big question as I never know the answer other for than for the past 30 days. So in the past 30 days it’s a post called “how to make money from your blog” and it has had about 5 times the number of views of the next nearest blog “10 high priority seo tips for 2012“.

Looking at the picture from the start of blogging on SEOAndy.com, which requires some guess work – as we’ve not always been friends with Google Analytics. The top 5 posts are: 1) SEO Trends for 2012, 2) Yell Web Design a Scam, 3) Google Penguin, the end of SEO, 4) 25 Awesome Business Card Designs and 5) Creating an Effective Small Business Brand.

Do you have a question? Leave a comment below.

Happy Birthday to Us! (Your Questions Our Answers)
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