Bings SEO Guidelines Are Here!!!

We’ve awaited them for so long, that many of us in SEO forgot they has promised to publish some guidelines for that they look at on a website. But late last week Bing released their SEO Guidelines.

For a long time Google has given some decent guidance on what it looks at and why, it’s not 100% complete but it never could be given all search algo’s change on a daily basis. But the is a good starting point for all SEO’s to build off, regardless of website type.

So how does Bing compare?

When I first look at the guidelines from Bing I thought it was some kind of joke.

The guidelines are so generic and unhelpful that I struggle to see why they exist, and why we waited so long for these. Don’t get me wrong I’m not a Bing search hater, I use it to search from time to time and really enjoy Bing webmaster tools – I am pretty many SEO’s would agree BWT combined with GWT is an awesome pairing.

This said, Bing does offer some in-depth guidance through its webmaster FAQs PDF (download here).

In their announcement, Bing admitted the guidelines were “broad” but did encompass a lot of information in general, at the same time they announced a number of webinars (including Q&A’s) would be ran, and of course guidelines updated as needed.

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Bings SEO Guidelines Are Here!!!