Changing Your Facebook Page Name and URL

This weekend I officially began the move to change all my companies services under one umbrella, that of SEO Andy – rather than Andy Kinsey Designs. The move came about for a few reasons, primarily for consolidation to make the offerings of the company more coherent. A great example of why this needed to happen is that several SEO clients have required design work, great I offer this too, but it gets confusing when the invoice comes from another company or I say mention that the design company works differently – people get shifty and nervous, but together it’s just one place to go and it makes life easier. Anyway, the long and short of this is that the company is now under the name SEO Andy.

One of the things I came across again was setting up of Facebook, and updating settings. There are a few things that people don’t know about such as the URL’s of a facebook page (and user profile) plus the fact you can change the name of your page if you really need too, though with both it can only be done once. So lets get stuck in.

How to Change Your Facebook Page Name

A while back it was impossible to change your Facebook Page Name if you had over 100 fans. Today, you can request a change of name. This is handy if like me you change your company name or want to slightly re-target. Something to note here is that it can take a few days to go through, and you may need to supply some details to prove the company has changed name (this is very much the case if you are not the original owner of a page but rather the manager or admin of a page).

To get to the setting to change your Facebook Page Name follow the steps below.

    Go to your Facebook Page

    In the “edit page” drop down select “update info”

    Scroll down to “Name” (just below address)

    Click “request change”
    Changing Your Facebook Page Name and URL

    Complete the form, select the relevant reason
    and where possible include documentation
    Changing Your Facebook Page Name and URL

    Sit back and wait a few days
    You maybe required to send more documents or reasoning

I’ve only seen a handful of requests be denied for name changes, usually its because someone is trying to imitate another brand or is wanting to change it to a name that is too similar to another name.

Its also worth reiterating that you can only change this once after the page is first set up, use this request wisely.

How to Change Your Facebook Page URL

Once you’ve changed your page name you are likely to want to update the URL, if you’ve already created one. Or if you’ve not already got a nice url (eg then you may want to create one – its much easier for linking to and remembering.

To change your facebook url (known as the username) follow these steps

    Click “update info” in your page admin

    Select “change username” (second down)Changing Your Facebook Page Name and URL

    Ensure you are editing the correct page username

    Enter your chosen new username / urlChanging Your Facebook Page Name and URL

    Check if it’s available, and continue is so

There are a few things to note before you do this though. You will need at least 25 members to get a “nice url” from facebook and to change it again you will need to have at least 100 members (otherwise it isn’t worth the time it takes to manually approve it, apparently). Usernames and urls like seoandy seo.andy seo-andy are all seen as the same to facebook so if you get stuck with something you want to space out you can use one of those instead of renaming (i’ve not tested it but im told it works). As with the name you can only do with once after initially setting up a url and you probably can’t have silly names, its manaully audited they will just reject you and that your one chance to change it gone.

I hope that you have found this quick tutorial on facebook page settings useful. If you have any requests for further tutorials let me know @andykinsey or on the new facebook page,

Changing Your Facebook Page Name and URL

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  • Peter

    Hi Andy,

    I currently have a facebook like button linked to my site URL rather than my facebook fan page. Obviously having site URL likes doesn’t allow me to keep fans up to date via my fan page but are there any SEO advantages of facebook site URL likes? Or is it basically a waste of time? I deleted my personal facebook account as it was a total time suck, so I can’t edit or update my facebook fan page hence the site URL like instead!

    • admin

      most blogs use that kind of system to send people directly to a page. you hit like and your friend see’s it… its great for viral effect on blogs and infographics but for a website in general where you want to communicate with your visitors again and again it is better in most cases to go for the liking of a facebook page, remember there is no SEO effect as search engines can’t index the likes – though they do see them as votes in some respects … in short if it’s a blog or resource like the page itself, otherwise hit facebook.