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Essential Marketing Elements of Every Law Firm Web Site

marketing essentials for law firms

Being a lawyer and providing legal counseling might sound a little drudged and full of tedious documentation. However, these facts do not exempt you from setting up a website for your law firm. A law website is as significant and […]

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9 tips for G+, Google’s social media platform


For a business expending your influence on more social media sites is useful as long as a targeted audience can be found. There are a few businesses that are not open minded towards these platforms and it’s understandable why. For […]

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Well, is it? Sheer strength in numbers alone has many businesses looking at Facebook as their potential ticket to social media marketing stardom. You can’t blame them, really. I mean with more than a billion users connected, it would be […]

10 SEO Tips for Wedding Photographers

wedding photographer website seo

There are services across the web for photographers, professionals and amateurs both, services like Flickr, Instagram, TwitPic and Facebook Camera. But not many of them can be truly optimised for search and being found for work. It is for this reason wedding […]

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