New Tool Enables Google Adwords Spying

Google Adwords Users in Edinburgh

We’ve all heard of the , you input a domain and keywords and it will tell you approximately how much traffic it would get globally and locally. It’s a free tool and can be quite handy if looking for a quick yes or no to whether a keyword is the right choice or not. But it is limited in it’s abilites as any SEO will tell you, indeed its pretty much all old data and although indicative it doesn’t always match todays reality, which is one of the reasons I prefer to use . It’s keywords and location based and can show (you guessed it) trend patterns. But what if I just want to know who was bidding on what Google Adword Keywords near me or a given location.

As an SEO it’s blooming useful for targeting customers, they are already spending so maybe it can be leveraged a little further or maybe I can get the same results spending less – an interesting proposition, just a shame that this tool is a little limited in it’s output and can be gamed (though I wont say how).

Introducing SEMrush GEO

SEMrush offer a bunch of SEO tools for marketers and website owners, you can register for free for limited services or upgrade and get full access. The new tool is free and you don’t need to register just hop along to

Simply enter a location and radius for search.
If you want to dig deeper you can select the categories to search for, handy if you are an SEO in a particular niche market.

New Tool Enables Google Adwords Spying

Above – Users of Google Adwords in Edinburgh

The limitation here for the free user here is that each search will result only in 5 results and not much data to go with it, just whos targeting what url and their address. If you click order data however you get the full whack all the data that can be supplied which is very handy, though its unclear how much this will cost – expect it to be in the same ball park as buying any data list though.

Disclaimer: I’ve been playing with this tool for only a few hours, its fairly handy even as a free version – you’ve just got to know what you are doing and are looking for. If you supply adwords services welcome to heaven, if you are offering organic seo services then the cost may out weigh the benifits but its still worth trying out for free.

New Tool Enables Google Adwords Spying

  • Ian Page

    I am thankful that I found this kind of tool for SEO. SEMrush GEO is a work of genius. I like the idea of being able to register for free.I would definitely try this one.

    • Andy Kinsey

      Its a very impressive tool and has already proved it’s worth in using to me.