Twitter is the Internets Cocktail Party

Twitter is, unlike Facebook, a true communication tool. Facebook was once, but is today simply a content syndication system for businesses – and for the average user it is too. Twitter, on the other hand, is all about communication and connection it is about Speaking, Listening and Reacting.

For many Twitter is simply about distributing a message, your brands message or a sale message, but there are many uses for brands using Twitter. Basically, Twitter is the Internet’s Cocktail Party, so for example;

  • Proving Access and Answers
  • Creating a Connection with Users
  • Redistribute Other Information (on Related Topics)
  • Answer Questions in a Personal Way
  • Be Funny

But Twitter should never be about bragging, at least not constantly. There is blowing your own trumpet and there is jumping around screaming 150 times – boring as hell and you will just make people hate you (basically).

This information is fairly obvious when you think about it, but a social genius , recently did a presentation about this very item – and yes i stole some of his phrasing. Here’s the presentation.

Be Part of the Twitter Cocktail Party

In order to be part of the twitter party and you simply need to follow a few simple rules of thumb.

  1. Create useful content with an engaging, unique tone to emotionally connect with your audience – this includes links and hastags.
  2. Keep tweets short and concise – shorter tweets often gain larger traction.
  3. Tweet on a regular basis.
  4. Enage with other users – always
  5. Participate in conversations – use hashtags
  6. Review what you are doing and optimise.

Do you agree with my methods above to become part of the Twitter cocktail party? If you do, please share your stories below – and if you don’t I’d love your feedback to improve this list.

Twitter is the Internets Cocktail Party