5 Awesome SEO Tips for YouTube Videos

Youtube is the second most commonly used search feature on the internet today, right after Google. Additionally, Google itself shows YouTube videos as part of its text based search results. Because of this, you should not only start making videos to highlight your expertise, products or services in your online niche, you should also focus on making them as search friendly as possible, just as you do with your website content.

Here are several key tips to get you started.

1. Make the Best Possible Titles

Don’t neglect your YouTube titles and focus on making them as optimized as possible. Create an enticing, briefly descriptive title that synthesizes what your video is about as clearly as possible. A universal Google Search gives you about 50 characters to play with, so if you can include your videos main keywords and an important niche inside those 50 words, all the better. Remember, the key thing is to have at least one main niche keyword in your title and a brief description that explains what you’re going to talk about in a way that’s most similar to how you think someone would search for a video on the subject matter.

2. Work on your Video’s Meta Attributes

The metadata includes your videos abovementioned title description, but it also consists of the words you use to tag your video as a search subject in YouTube, the quick keyword rich description in your videos URL and the larger video description that accompanies your film clip inside Google.

If you’re embedding your YouTube videos on your own web pages, you also need to add an HTML attribute tag that attaches to the video and carefully explains what it’s about for the benefit of the search spiders. This won’t be visible, since it’s part of your HTML (although describing the nature of the video inside the text content above or below it is not a bad idea either.

3. Brand all your Videos and Include a Link

Every single one of your businesses YouTube videos should be carefully branded with a special image, visual effect or some other brand related distinction that sets it apart from other videos on similar subjects. You want your growing audience fan base to recognize your videos as yours specifically and have a chance to seek you out for future needs.

You can give your fans a chance to track you by giving them a link to your actual website, wither in your video or embedded beneath it. Don’t neglect this step.

4. Focus on an Instructional Video Presentation Style Whenever Possible

Typically, when people search for videos on YouTube or make queries on Google (both search systems are completely connected anyhow) for problems that they have, it will be in the form of a question. If your business is about niches in which clients have a certain problem to solve, this search style on their part gives you an excellent opportunity to be found and listened to. Simply present your videos in an instructional “how to” or “what is” type format. Structure them like this and base their titles, tags and descriptions on the same idea.

5. Don’t Shirk on Video Quality

Your Videos need to be well made if you want them to really represent your brand or gain popularity. This means clear video, solid camera work, good lighting and top notch audio. Even the best message is going to be ignored if you’re video presentation is lacking. You don’t need to create a video that’s on par with Hollywood special effects and you don’t need any fancy graphics or special effects. However, at least make your video clear, easy to watch and easy to hear.

It’s also a good idea to have your videos first image, the starting frame, clear and displaying a visual that is likely to show video searchers that your video is interesting and relevant to them.

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5 Awesome SEO Tips for YouTube Videos