SEO Books for Website Owners

Want to learn how to optimise your website, quickly and easily? The books in this article offer step by step guides to internet marketing for novices. They are all available in the UK from Amazon and available on the Amazon Kindle.

A while back I created a page called Recommended Reading, basically a list of books which I had read, got something from and importantly enjoyed. It originally covered just Marketing, Branding and SEO but soon became a list of all kinds of business books.

This post is an addition to those in the recommended reading list of books. As well as this post I will be doing a book or tool review each month, recommending you either give it a try or give it a wide berth!

If you’ve an idea of a book or tool I should review leave a comment.

Top SEO Books

The Art of SEO (Eric Enge)
Print Price £18.01 – Kindle Price £17.26
A book that takes a look at the theory behind a website, what makes one great and how search engine optimisation works.

SEO for Dummies (Peter Kent)
Print Price £12.82 – Kindle Price £11.54
A “quick start” guide to internet marketing.

Search Engine Optimisation: An Hour a Day (Jennifer Grappone)
Print Price £11.80 – Kindle Price £10.62
A best selling guide to internet marketing.

Get to the Top on Google: Tips and Techniques (David Viney)
Print Price £8.66 – Kindle Price £8.23
A guide that covers the basics and some more advanced ideas.

50 Ways to Make Google Love Your Website (Steve Johnston)
Print Price £5.70 – Kindle Price £3.71
A step-by-step guide on how to maximise your Google ranking.

Note: I’ve tried to make sure each book above is available on the Amazon Kindle as well as in print to purchase from shops in the UK. Links below are all to Amazon, if you purchase via a link I get a few penny’s, these go towards keeping this article site up and running – for free. Thanks.

SEO Books for Website Owners