SEO for Arts and Crafts: Product Descriptions

SEO is an Art? Get your product descriptions right and win clients

In my previous article we began exploring the world of SEO for Arts and Craft websites. In that post we looked at keyphrases and how to use keyphrases for seo. We learned that generality has it’s place but specificity even more so has a place in helping to promote your website. This post takes the next step on the long SEO road, in this post we look at product descriptions.

SEO for Arts and Crafts: Product Descriptions
Now before I really dig deep into this I want to explain why I am taking a whole post to look at Product Descriptions. Product Descriptions, above almost everything else can help your website sell. They are your engagement portal with users and they are a big part of your ranking score. If your product description is crap then there isn’t a search engine in the land that will rank you well, no body likes to hit a website with a rubbish product description or even worse a spammy product description. So lets take a look at SEO for Product Descriptions.

SEO for Product Descriptions

As with all things in SEO there is no “one size” solution for how to make the perfect product description. So instead of giving what would amount to a lecture I want to give you a process to work with (with a few handy SEO tips included) which you can use to take your product descriptions to the next level.

Steps to SEO Success for Product Descriptions.
With each individual product follow the steps below.

Step 1) Think of 2 keyphrases to describe that product.

Step 2) Using those 2 keyphrases, in once sentence sum up the lifestyle this product / service will give the user. This sentence will become the first sentence of your product description.

Step 3) Inject a sales text, give them a reason too buy (eg “Save 10% when buying today” or “get a free upgrade on shipping with this product” type of thing).

Step 4) In your second paragraph, write in 3 sentences about 2 features of the product, again use the 2 keyphrases. But only if it’s natural should you include your keyphrases, you can also use the words in plural.

Step 5) If you need to list specs of a product then now is your chance, paragraph 3. And that is it!

This 5 step procedure is so simply anyone can do it. Of course you will need to twist it, add little bits to it and move bits around, but steps 1, 2 & 3 should always remain somewhere. Without these 3 steps you are selling on features and not benefits, a user will know the specs of a product from your website or another, but they do not know who they want to buy it from. That is why you sell the benefits and lifestyle of a product, and that is why the manufacturers description will never be enough for your website.

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SEO for Arts and Crafts: Product Descriptions

SEO for Arts and Crafts: Product Descriptions