Creating Good Content is EASY!

Now this post title may evoke certain emotions within those involved in the web industry on a day-to-day basis, and of course the content creators of any business website (though of course creating good content isn’t just for the web). The one reaction I am sure many will have thought is “not this again” or “another post about writing good copy” (followed by pressing the back button of the browser).

Well if those people are still reading let me reassure you this isn’t going to be the usual dribble you get from many SEO Blogs, today I want to focus on “good content” in terms of the feelings you can evoke within the reader of your site, or even from the graphics you use.

Looking over various emails from current and previous clients, and correspondence between myself and those who are interested in SEO Services or just wanted to know more about SEO – I am given the feeling overall that they (in their mind) are saying “I could do that” and they all generally show the perception of developing good content is easy.

Now without being too blunt (and as any good copywriter will tell you) it is NOT easy. Indeed given the overpowering noise of the internet (you know the stuff you don’t want to know or where someone is rambling on before getting to a point, or maybe not getting there at all) and the need to be more than distinctively average, creating great content is not easy. Given that the noise to good content ratio is pretty poor (for most sites), I’ve formulated 4 key points to help you to create good content – and no, this doesn’t mean I’m saying that anyone can create good content.

Be Passionate

Even if you are selling what is the most boring thing on the earth (for example a toe nail) it is your job as the content creator to be passionate, if you’re not no body else is going to be (ever!). Boring content means bad bad results, ok you may get the odd sale but you will not sell more than if your passion for your work were evident for all to see. Now if you invented your product or service I am sure you will have no issue showing your sheer passion and belief in the product – and the user will feel your passion. If you are struggling to show passion for a product/service (you’re not alone) why not join the many who hire someone to inject that extra bit of passion.
Passion is a key selling tool to evoke emotion within a user.

Be Intentional

Think about this term before you read on, like those who read this article before I published it you may struggle to understand exactly what I mean. Plus even if you do, you may still struggle to do this with your own site(s) – like me (yes within these four walls I am sometimes guilty of this). Planning your content and the delivery method(s) you will use for each bit of content, if you use a trial and error method in posting analyse your statistics and you will produce more predictable results. In other words, this means you can start to create posts, pages and other content which will bring people back time and time again, or will create more links to your site – it also means you don’t waste time posting links (or other content) where you don’t need to, time you can spend more productively. Further more plan each article or page, do not dance around the main points in your content, make them stand out. At the heart of this point is one key point
Do NOT leave content and delivery to a “spur of the moment”.

Be Creative

Ok this in some ways speaks for itself, I’m saying be unique in what your content says both literally and emotionally. If you are writing the same kind of thing again and again then not only will your passion move away, but so will your users. We are all guilty of this from time to time. For example I was guilty of this for sometime with this site in the beginning, until I realised that wasn’t what people wanted, they wanted variety and to get something different from what any other site can offer. If you are not unique then why would anyone come to you? it’s simple they wouldn’t. Now although they say a picture speaks a thousand words, this is ok for humans so do include graphics to aid your points, but it is the word which feeds the search engine spider. My point is this
Unique content means happier users and search engines

Be Consistent

If you are the owners of a blog or a website which produces a fair amount of content then this is simple, create a schedule and keep to it, humans like things on a regular basis (think of your 3 meals a day, equate this to the number of posts per week or month and set days these are delivered). If you content is static – an information only site – then this is a little harder but here is where both you guys (and women) and the regular release content readers must take note. Content is the key to the gold passing your palm, keeping the tone, manner, style (and timing as mentioned above) is very important, especially for information pages. No body likes to get used to the tone of a page (which users do subconsciously) only to be unsettled on the next page because the tone has changed making it near impossible to read, it also means that they will miss much of your content as they can’t grasp what you are saying. My point is as follows
Chopping and changing style, tone & timing is not good for you or your user.

So despite the title of this article, creating good content is NOT so easy. It just happens to look easy. So if you create content here is my challenge to you. Think of content you have created, being brutally honest, did you put all of the above points into your content? If you’re as honest as you can be then you will be likely to say “yes there was effort, but no passion” or “maybe it could have been delivered in a better format or via different channels”. If you’re not so serious then i’m not sure what will happen other than you will continue on the path you have been on, I just hope that this some how subconscious makes your content better somehow.

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Creating Good Content is EASY!
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