15 SEO Myths That Need To Die (But Wont)

Now there are many many SEO and general Internet Marketing myths that are floating around, and have been since the dawn of time. (Ok, dawn of the internet). Today I want to take a look at 15 of the most annoying myths, these are all a complete pile of poop.

Generally you will be told these via huge adverts on a website or over the phone when someone is cold-calling you to try and sell you a service – beware of these commission monkies.

So the 15 Myths which are a load of are:

We’re endorsed (or work with) Google / Bing / Yahoo.

Google Analytics spies on you, don’t use it.

Your PageRank (PR) is your search rank (or is highly related too).

You should have as many meta tags as possible.

Having country specific site’s (in different languages) creates duplicate content.

URL’s rank higher if you end them in .html

Trading (buying/selling) links increases search rank.

Linking to google.com will help your search rankings (or PR).

SEO is a one-time activity (or once per year).

SiteMaps aren’t for users.

There is no need to link all pages, spiders will find them via your XML sitemap.

Placing links in tiny (almost invisible) text at the bottom of  a page is effective for ranking.

Using an submission site to X thousand “search engines” is good for site ranking.

Hyphenated domain names are amazing for SEO.

Keyword Density = High Rankings

15 SEO Myths That Need To Die (But Wont)
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