State of Search – June 2012

Once again it’s time for a Search Engine share update, no not share market but market share. If you don’t want to read the analysis, the short answer is Google is out in front and increase from 66.7% to 66.8%, […]

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I know a good number of photographers, they range from those loving snapping people, to architecture and beyond. I also know many print and graphic designers. But I wonder whether they know they are giving away their intellectual property rights when they […]

Once again I have been lucky enough to be featured in .net magazine. Last time I took part in the design off section of the magazine. In issue 230, this time, an article I have written about how user experience […]

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Please follow this link and sign the petition to from extradition to the USA. Richard has broke no laws in either country he simply, like this site, like other sites, like search engines has linked to websites.

Please read this post about Links vs Sharing files to understand the case, or click here to sign the petition.

Please also share this post, and the petition. Thank You.

The EU Cookie Saga Continues (an update)

So at the time of writing we are now just a few days passed the UK implementation (officially) of the EU Cookie Directive. Not going to ramble on about what that is, you can read that in my previous post […]

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UPDATED: Handcrafted Jewellery in Scotland

Today see’s the launch of a wordpress based e-commerce website. The website has been built around the WooCommerce templating system and is designed to work across all browsers and device types through use of responsive web design. The website has been […]

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For a while now I’ve been on the trail of a solution to the “EU Cookie Directive” which in it’s most basic form means that any cookie which your website uses that is not used for an essential service (eg. […]

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There is nothing like jumping on the bandwagon, the latest update to the Google algo was aimed at getting rid of yet more “Web Spam”. It all sounds good so far, so why are so many SEO’s saying this is […]

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@MattCutts of Google talks at the 2012 Korea Webmaster Conference about SEO, Google and “openness”. In this speech Matt talks about how search works, its evolution and the future of search, a hot topic at ionSearch recently. This is a […]

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Update: How @Google Works

@MattCutts today posted to Google+ about a video he uploaded for webmasters, about how google works (something I recently wrote about and posted an older video too). If you are interested in search this is definitely a video to watch. […]

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Social Media Stream – Website Launch

Last week saw the launch of Social Media Stream, a social media training and management company in Manhcester. The website was designed and built by Andy Kinsey Designs using WordPress. The website is built using Responsive Web Design, making it usable across […]

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ionSearch – Advanced Search Marketing Conference

Now it’s very rare that you will hear me speak about a conference I have been too or am going to on here. Mainly because I would rather give you the information from the events than just review them. However, […]

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Back in 2008 I wrote my “seo tips” series which covered the SEO Basics. Last week I announced that I was going to begin work rewriting those articles, and this is the official announcement of the new series. The Starters Guide to SEO.

Over the coming months the guide will look at the concepts and techniques surrounding search engine optimisation today. We will take a journey through the world of SEO, looking at everything from the why search optimisation is important to how you as a website owner can leverage your audience both on the website and in social media. We’ll also take a look at core concepts of SEO including an insight into current coding standards and why content is more than just a few words on a page. Of course, this list isn’t exhaustive and as such do feel free to leave a comment or tweet me @andykinsey about what you would like to see in the starters guide to seo.

Each section of the SEO starters guide 2012 will be posted as an article here on SEOAndy and later the complete guide will be available for download as an e-book.

Also, If you would be interested in writing a section for the guide as a guest author please do let me know. The section list is already 50+ strong so the more authors the merrier.

Win a Free SEO Website Audit (worth £125) latest news

During April I am offering one lucky website owner the chance of winning a FREE Advanced SEO Audit worth £125.

Details of audit on my services page.

To be in with a chance of winning all you need to do is the following:

“like” our page (you can do it in the sidebar)

leave a comment linking to on facebook, twitter or google+

let us know where the link is by leaving a comment below.

Competition closes: Midnight, April 29th 2012

1) Max 3 entries per person / company, one link on each platform.
2) You must be a fan (“like”) when you submit your entry and on the closing date.
3) Further ways in which persons can enter may be added during the competition.
4) The prize does not include a live consultation or any works other than an audit.
5) Entrants must be from the UK and over 18 only. 
6) A winner will be drawn in the first week of May 2012.
7) No adult sites permitted.
8) If you know someone who may benefit from this competition let them know.

Good Luck