Skills for the New SEO Era

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Search engine optimisation (SEO) is an ever changing world. It keeps on changing as the major search engines change or embark with certain guidelines or updates especially Google. Earlier, things were different and in order to survive in the SEO world, you were simply confined to follow few skills and activities, and you dominated over the search engine results. However, since past one or two years, things really have changed a lot in the domain of search business. With just one new update from Google, things really go upside down in search domain. This drastically change the way you chalk out your optimization strategy. These changes prove good to someone, while a curse to others. In order to come out in flying colors, the SEO professionals/companies are supposed to change and upgrade as per the pace of the changing time. These will simply help in making the SEO campaign a big success. Thus let’s check some of the skills you need to face the new SEO era as under:

Effective content marketing skills

Content has a prime importance in search engine optimization.

It is the content, which engages anyone over your site or blog and thus involves people in your marketing funnel. Hence the basic skill you need to have in the current SEO era is producing quality content. Content marketing can be further classified into two tasks- content creation and content distribution. The SEO experts should be able to have an edge over both the jobs then only he or she would able to embark with competent content marketing strategy especially content development. However, at certain junctures, you may find bizarre kind of thing in content marketing that appear in the form of keyword stuffing and creating countless pages with low quality content. Being a SEO expert, your role would be like that of a gatekeeper who can support the content ideas, which can really add some value in perspective of both target audience and search engines. The basic skills including keyword research, searching for content gaps and content distribution task would then come as a handy affair.

The Link Building skills

Permanent links carrying longer shelf life as compared to the temporal types of links

With the popularity of social media platforms since past few years, the opportunities to build up different links have simply changed a lot. You have certain legitimate and older ways of link building options including old fashioned directories, associating with credible sites and high PR sites, etc. These links are also termed as permanent links carrying longer shelf life as compared to the temporal types of links, which are secured via social media channels like blogs, content syndication, bookmarking and Twitter. The other aspect is the internal link optimization, which is not just confined to your own attributes but is also seen over the social media platforms including Facebook Page or Google Plus page. Having a good amount of content being created by several internal social media team, the task of internal link optimization can prove out to be a low hanging result, which you want to opt for. In order to sustain in this current SEO world, you need to be skilled in both the external and internal link building stuff.

Social media marketing skills

Social Media is no more a weird world anymore and play a vital role in generating traffic.

However, when you talk about social media skills, these are not just limited to managing a number of accounts like Twitter, Facebook or YouTube but knowing the art of generating traffic via these sites. The exercises for generating traffic, which can help in developing a well rounded SEO, can include things like creating fan acquisition strategies, optimizing videos over YouTube, generating Twitter followers, etc. Also, it deals with link building activities via social media, which is a bit complex thing; however, in order to prosper in the current SEO world, you need to know all these skills. You should learn the art of synergizing SEO and social media together.

Technical SEO

SEO is only about keyword research

If you feel that SEO is only about keyword research, well that’s not the case. SEO also deals with making your site better in terms of pages and making it perfect at the several levels as well in a most structured manner. Then only you would be able to embark in a structured way, which will boost up the changes of you being found over the search engines thus getting traffic for your site. Apart from knowing the skills of on page optimization you need to have a fair understanding about technical aspects of SEO including the codes. You can easily win the search battles if you have a fair knowledge about technical SEO. The technical SEO encompasses skills like understanding the server side settings, server response codes, sitemaps, rewrites, etc.

Final word

In order to prosper in the current competitive SEO world, it is important to learn and get an edge over different skills. These include few older ones and certain newly introduced ones. The above is the list of these skills, which you need to master to prosper in the current SEO era.

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Skills for the New SEO Era