How to get the most from Social Media for Businesses

Anyone can use Facebook. Twitter takes a little more getting used to but after a bit of practice pretty much anyone can use that too.

With these tools in hand, in theory anyone can use them to grow their business. Why then do the vast majority try and fail?

The answer in its plainest possible terms is they are not using content marketing. Content marketing means producing free online content which potential customers find useful.

What can content marketing do for me?

Grow Your Database – People will give you their email address in exchange for some useful info like an ebook. This is a database of potential customers.

Builds Authority – People want to do business with people who know what they are doing. By producing content you can demonstrate your authority.

Builds Trust – If people are exposed to your content they will get to know, like and trust you.

Improve SEO – Having excellent content on your website will naturally attract links from other websites which will move your site up the search engine rankings.

Content marketing and social media, an explosive mix

If you get content marketing right and mix it with a little social media then – booom!
Here’s what you can expect:

    Make it easy to share your great content on Twitter, Facebook and Google + and bring new visitors to your website.

    Potential customers will follow you, be exposed to your content and share interesting content with their network.

    Influencers will follow you and share your content with thousands.

    Become the go-to-guy (or girl) and have potential customers coming to you for advice.

    Hit the jackpot with some viral content, reach millions and fill your order book for years How to get the most from Social Media for Businesses

Nothing worth doing is easy
I am not saying for one minute that effective content marketing is easy, what I am saying is that this should be the foundation of everything you do to promote your business. Do it right and your social media efforts will soar!

For excellent examples, see: ,

How to get the most from Social Media for Businesses