Infinite Ways To Beat Google

Seriously, you too can get to be the top of Google search rankings for your chosen keyword or key phrase.

This blog post is going to be the longest in history, ever ever … ok, let’s be honest it won’t, but it will tell you How to Beat Google and Get to Number 1 on Google!

But first I want to give you a bit of background as to this blog post. It was inspired by the Infinite Mile Warranty now offered on all Tesla Cars batteries and drive trains (they are electric super cars) and is also retroactive. Wouldn’t it be great to have an Infinite Mile Warranty on your car!

Infinite Ways To Beat Google

Just because I can here is a picture of a Tesla Model S – it’s pretty nice.

Like Tesla I have used the word “Infinite” in the title of this post and in it’s marketing, and like them I actually mean it’s infinite to a point… and yes that mean’s it is actually finite…

Also as with Tesla, we know that in giving you this resource it may hit out bottom line (you may not need to hire SEOAndy to help on your project!) but ultimately, we’re doing thing because we believe in giving for the greater good – in my case giving you content to help #GrowYourBiz

So here is my Infinite (10) List of Ways to Top Google Search Rankings…

5 SEO Tips to Get Your Website to Number One on Google

  1. Give Away Value in Your Content
    Infinite Ways To Beat Google I am a great believer, as mentioned above, in giving away content to help others grow their business. But content can be found anywhere on the web – there isn’t much that isn’t on the web these days, you just have to know where to look. The secret to getting that number one spot on Google is to give away valuable content. Value in your content will mean users will be more likely to engage with your content, remember you and your brand – and share your content with others (thus growing your audience). But further than this, truly great content means that you will gain that readers trust, and that trust often turns into a conversation – it may not become work directly but networking is a great way to grow any business.
  2. Use Keyword Rich Content
    The majority of website owners and content creators often mistake this tip and advice to mean “put in lots of keywords into your content”, it doesn’t mean that, that makes it unreadable and Google will see through it like a window. What this tip actually means is that if you have a single keyword / keyphrase per page (which I advise) then you can naturally fit that into your content, but you don’t need to worry too much about getting it exactly correct as with Google updates in recent years it is fairly clear Google knows what topic you are talking about. So, in essence “keyword rich content” is not about keyword stuffing but about creating great content which talks about your topic and tries to focus on that single phrase.
  3. Use Microformats to Get a Local SEO Advantage
    Infinite Ways To Beat Google Having talked about this in a previous blog about structured data for seo in 2014, I won’t hark on too much in detail. To put it simply, microformats / structured data allows Google to understand what different components are within a website and web page… for a local business this is great news because pretty much no local organisation has the time to do this and so you will instantly stand out to Google as someone striving to be the best – but further to this in marking up objects such as your business address you are making searches done locally (such as those on a mobile device) much more likely to find your website in my experience.
  4. Follow Current Best Practice for SEO
    It sounds obvious but it isn’t. Best Practice knowledge will come from reading blogs such as SEOAndy, Moz, Distilled and others – but resources can often become stale because Google updates it’s algorithm continually. This means the SEO goal posts are always moving and it’s hard to keep up – there will always be the ever-green best practices (such as writing amazing and compelling content) but other things will come and go, so always make sure to not just read what you find in a Google search but click to the homepage and look at more recent articles to see if there is an update – the last thing you want to do is spend 10 hours re-coding a site only to find it’s to 2005 standards and now useless! Another tip for this is to read blogs such as Search Engine Land and State of Digital (formerly state of search) for the latest seo related news.
  5. SEO Alone Isn’t The Best Idea!
    Getting to the top of Google is not simply about what your website does and the links you gain, though that is most of it (to be fair). However, in today’s web some search ranking may come from other areas such as Social Media usage, Author Authority (or author rank) across the web not just your website and much more. So SEO alone may not be the best idea if you want to get to the top of Google, instead you may need to look at your web presence as a whole!

The Infinite SEOAndy Competition!!!

Through using the comments on Facebook (not below) I want to know how you are working to beat Google right now. It could be that you are reading more blogs, you are updating your content on your website, you are giving great customer service to ensure that customer talks about you or maybe you are being awesome on social media!

In 1 (one) week I will give away a £20 Amazon Gift Card to one random person who leaves a comment AND shares the post!

Competition ends Midnight (GMT) 28th August 2014

Infinite Ways To Beat Google