Google Penalty Checker Tools

In this article I want to share two Google Penalty Checking Tools – I don’t often write recommendations to tools or services, but these two tools combined are great for anyone who things they may have been effected by a Google Algo Update. Both tools are very useful in their own right, but together you can get a full picture. Both tools take just moments to set up and see results on, no waiting for an import or anything like – it’s just there!

Panguin – Statistics Shows a Penalty?

The first tool is Panguin by Barracuda Digital. This free tool allows you to login using Google oAuth to view your website analytics data inline with Google Algorithm update information, as seen below. From this you can usually hazard a guess as to which update effected you, though it’s worth noting that the updates rarely fall exactly on the moment they are claimed to have. The cause of this is that an update an roll out across days and weeks, alongside normal updates, and so this tool is a useful visualisation tool to show your clients what has happened in the history of their website.

Google Penalty Checker Tools

Give the tool a try @

Fruition – Probability of You Being Hit

The next tool has been part of my kit for a few months since I was introduced to it, it’s called Fruition. Now fruition works in a similar vein to that of Panguin, however it (i think) is a tad more useful. The difference is that Fruition actually takes your Analytics data and the algorithm update information and works out based on many factors (more than you or i could probably conceive) whether your website was effected by an update. It then has a lovely graph (seen below) but also has a table with that information and a probability score that you were effected and whether it was good or bad for the site – from that you go through to an information page about that given update so you can tweak your site to negate negative impacts and make the most of positive updates. This tool is free for 2 websites, but they have some reasonably priced packages available too – and if you are an agency contact them for your own quote, they are really nice people.

Google Penalty Checker Tools

Check out this nifty tool @

More SEO Tools

Each month I am going to write about my favourite SEO tools! if you’ve got any suggestions you know what to do!

Google Penalty Checker Tools
  • Mark Traphagen

    Remove’Em has a tool to check for anchor text over-optimization, a condition that can lead to a Google penalty. Anchor text over-optimization is when there are a lot of links pointing at your site with the exact same, specific, non-branded or non-navigational anchor text. That doesn’t usually occur naturally, and so can be flagged by Google as indicating intentional manipulation. The tool is at

    • admin

      Fantastic tip Mark! Are there any others you can think of?

  • boby

    What is the green mean ? ist good or bad ? i don’t get it …

    • Andy

      Green is a positive effect (see legend in the footer of image)

  • Prabin Dhakal

    Dear Andy,This is Prabin from Nepal,South Asia.We have website nicennaughty[edit] which was shown at top when searched as sex toys in nepal but it had been disappeared from last 3-4 days but still indexed while typing site:nicennaughty[edit] and there is no message in webmaster tool,did we get penalization from google or something else happens.Our domain address is not shown when typed nice n naughty nepal but before it was showing.Can please make suggestion how it happens,do we get our website back and find it in the google search page.

    [editor note: links are acceptable as contextual like above, only where the site is of a universal nature. The above site is adult in basis and so extension domain removed]

    • Andy

      Hi Prabin,
      Without having monitored the site before there is only so much i can see and so much history. From what I can see tho using the link: search in google and other tools you have no real links to your site and the few that do exist are low quality and your brand name. I also note you haven’t got a robots.txt file, if google doesn’t see this file it may sometimes decide not to index your site as there is no real sign of what to index or not (yes i know its in your html header but Google doesn’t like to take chances with its users). If you have ranked previously it could be if you had links these have been devalued and so you have too, or it could be that you do have a penalty because you have been seen to be building manipulating links and are being punished. Right now, none of the tools I run can see you’ve been blacklisted or received a penalty, keep an eye on for fluctuations showing but I don’t see any huge update rolling out in the past few days. It could be a regular shake up and you’ve just dropped.
      hope that helps

  • Maria

    Hi Andy, what do you think of Jellyfish’s new Google penalty checker ? it performs a penalty test to give you a clear answer to whether your site’s been affected or not. Worth checking out.

    • Andy Kinsey

      Hi Maria,

      I gave it a try (took a while to get added to try it though). Overall it’s not a bad tool, but it doesn’t offer much detail and although the date chooser stuff is nice and it seems fairly accurate i’m not sure what it brings new to the party. Simple and easy to use yes, but so are the others and they aren’t just a “snapshot” which I don’t know what they are based on? Fruition for example is based on Analytics which is a great bit of data to use… do you know what it uses?

  • Maria

    Hi Andy, I think Jellyfish’s tool is based on SearchMetrics Visibility data so your sites actual organic traffic is marked against algorithm change details provided by Moz. Agreed it’s simplicity and ease makes it a nice tool for a penalty overview.