Do and Don’ts of SEO for websites


Do and Don’ts of SEO for websites

SEO or search engine optimization is basically an important part of online marketing strategy, which helps in getting higher traffics over your site. SEO is all about influencing the search engines to rank your site higher over the different search results. Hence it is vital to make a couple of changes and adjustments to optimize your site or blog to rank higher over the search engine results. There are people who could know a number of mandatory things, which are a must in any SEO strategy, but tend to forget to check the things that they need to avoid (mistakes and blunders) coming in the form of Don’ts. So, when you know the list of do’s, it is equally important to check the don’ts so that you could be able to carry out a tangible kind of SEO strategy. Well, let’s check out the dos and donts of SEO for your site as under:

The Dos

Do create and update your site on a regular basis

When it comes to creating content for your site do make sure you put on your site up to date and useful information in a regular interval. Putting such content will helps in retaining traffic over your site for a long run, and at the same time attracts the search engines. If your site fails to cater valuable content over your site, you are going to lose both. The web crawlers too will avoid visiting you if they sense that your site do not update on a regular basis and still live with obsolete content. Hence if you want your site to rank better, make sure you update your content on a regular basis.

Do get relevant links from quality sites

The search engines give much emphasis over the number of links you have over your site from authoritative places. It’s not the quantity of the links but the quality of links that matters in perspective of search engine optimization. The search engines sees things in the perspective of incoming links, which talks more about the relevancy and authority of the content of these websites. Also, the search engines put its emphasis over the importance of site linking to your sites. For instance, your site could get a good attention from search engines if you are able to link with sites like CNN or BBC as compared to any local site, which has no presence at all.

Do submit your website over the directories

By submitting your website to a competent online directory will end up boosting up the rankings over all the popular search engines. This could include all the primary directories including Yahoo, DMOZ, and Yahoo. Also, make sure you submit at the vertical directories including and However, before you do so, make sure you check the guidelines of submission over these directories along with choosing the relevant category over these directories.

The Don’ts

Don’t use the hidden links or texts

People often commit this mistake while trying several SEO strategies. Among the most common option of hiding the irrelevant links or the texts comes when you use the same kind of text color in your background, which simply hides the text (in user’s point of view). If you commit this mistake, you are more likely to face the wrath of search engines and you would see your site’s ranking going very much down.

Don’t use the remote search engine submission tools

The remote submission programs are now no more a traffic generator, which remained the same long back. Now, they simply are seen submitting over the free for all link web pages. All the popular search engines now are seen blocking these submissions coming through these tools. However, if you are able to submit your site over the search engines manually, it will help you in getting some of the best results. At the same time, do not forget to check the submission guidelines of each and every search engine before you do things manually. First allow the crawler based search engines like Google find and rank your pages on your own and then try things with more intensity.

Don’t rely over doorway pages

Earlier the spammers used to create the doorway pages for the very one purpose of ranking at the top over the search engine listings. In this they were seen using a string carrying a number of irrelevant keywords links and terms, which pointed back their own original websites. However, if you still persist to use the same, you need to make the page more content rich and valuable, which remain relevant to your core idea of your site.

Final word

Taking time to learn about the search engine optimization along with exploring the do’s and don’ts can really help you in mastering this subject. With this your site would get a good standing over different search engines, which can help you in prospering over the search engine results.

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Do and Don’ts of SEO for websites
  • DaveB

    Andy, whats the best way of getting good links? Paying for them, guest blogs?

    • admin

      Hi Dave / Janie

      For photographers I’ve found the best thing is to a) perfect your own website and b) guest blog on reputable and most importantly blogs visited by potential clients.
      It will, ok, mean you will end up with a lower number of links but the quality will be much better and your efforts targeted at your real audience and not the web as a whole.

      Hope that helps

      oh and use social media