The Only 100 Words You Must Read Today


Becoming a success is about taking action, now!

You can read any number of articles from any number of websites or magazines, but nothing will happen until you take action.

So today, I’m not going to ask you to read an SEO blog post.
Instead of that or reading my other content I want YOU to do something, right now!

Do something for your website, blog, business or life that will help move you forward to reach your goals.

Just before you do, leave a comment below and tell me what you are about to do (think of it as a pledge) –
and leave a link to your website too!

Sound Good?

I will begin!

The Only 100 Words You Must Read Today
  • Andy Kinsey

    I am going to email all the folks who have written articles for SEO Andy to thank them and build those relationships to ensure the future of this site. I am then going to write an Article for monday about the Outreach Program that every business should be using.

  • harrybarham

    I”m going to email all my clients asking for feedback on what SmallTalk Social Media has done for them, and re-consider the strategies we’re putting in place for them. Thanks for the motivation, Andy!

    • Andy

      Keep Going Harry – You Social Media Geek!

  • Laura Gordon

    hmmm just spent a whole day doing this, going to do more of it tonight. Think I will go to the gym, that gets me closer to my goal :) and prepare fully for my session tomorrow :)

  • Steve ‘Tiger’ Arnold

    I am going to send all of my clients (and any new prospects) a gift in the post. I am thinking maybe a book that I loved reading, get it ordered and send direct from Amazon.

    Do you think that would be a good idea? or should I look at something else like sending a pen or a mug?